my philosophy

The most beautiful images of people that I have seen in photographs have been those where they are in their element, comfortable and among those they love. It’s my goal to capture all of that love and joy along with all the stunning details you have put your heart into while planning your wedding.

what to Expect

The most awesome photography experience of your lives.

facts & questions

What is your Process?

I like to communicate with the couple about your sensibility and desire about the photography experience. We can communicate as often as you like. I have in-depth conversations with you about your family, your friends and your wedding day timeline. I want to get to know who you are through a phone or skype conversation to create a photo itinerary which can be passed off to your vendors or wedding planner. On the wedding day, it’s all about making you happy and comfortable in front of the lens. Being as unobtrusive as possible while capturing all the lovely moments on the day. Because of all of our detailed conversations, you have a firm understand as to what our goals are on the wedding day. After the wedding, images will be made available approximately six weeks after the event, once the images are culled, edited and sorted. You will be sent an online link to purchase images, design your album and share with family and friends. Any images purchased are shipped directly to you from our photo lab.

What camera mode do you shoot in?

I shoot all events in RAW format and they are then edited and converted to .jpg before delivery.

What kind of equipment do you use?

All my equipment is top of the line Nikon digital cameras and lenses. They are refreshed and refurbished on the scheduled maintenance timeline and I always carry extra camera bodies, lenses and cards.

Do you photo edit? Fix skin? Add lashes?

Yes, I do select images for photo editing. I do not fix or manipulate every single image you will receive but I will select some of those that I think are most flattering and reflect your true beauty and the space and make edits to those as necessary.

How can I select my images?

We use an online portfolio review process where you will be able to go through all the categories of your wedding day and you can select the images for your album from the website. The images and albums must be completed within 6 months of delivery of the images to you.Images are available for download after the album has been completed or no longer than 8 months post wedding.